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For emergency vehicle towing services in Hobart

Our fully insured team is always on standby to provide you with emergency services


At Statewide Towing in Hobart, we provide comprehensive vehicle towing services. We can tow vehicles that have broken down and need to be repaired at the garage, or remove vehicles that are illegally parked. In addition, we support you with prompt roadside assistance and secure storage services. Call our consultants for more information.

Roadside assistance

We’re proud of the recovery roadside assistance service that we offer to our customers in Hobart. Our team of drivers is fully trained to provide you with roadside assistance as an alternative to vehicle towing and repair at a garage.

They can assist with problems such as flat tyres and overheated engines.

Vehicle towing

At Statewide Towing we offer vehicle towing services for cars and trucks. We have an extensive fleet of towing vehicles that can handle any request. Vehicles can be towed directly to the garage for repair or to a compound in the case of illegally parked vehicles. For emergencies in Hobart, we are available 24/7 to provide you with the speedy service you need.

Storage services

As part of our comprehensive vehicle towing service to our customers in Hobart, Statewide Towing also provide storage services for vehicles. With our storage service your vehicle is undercover at all times. We provide security video surveillance and vehicle towing in and out of the storage location. We cater for both long term and short term storage requests.